chivalry is dead, and no one even showed up to the funeral.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and that 2017 is treating you well so far.

Mercury is in retrograde, so I’ve been staying in hermit mode for the past few days. I’m going to keep it low key this week too. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking over the past week or so, which was triggered by the whole “New Year, New Me” bullshit that everyone pedals during the holiday season.

I am finally fed up with all the fuckboys out there, and maybe it won’t be a new year, new me phenomena, but I am completely done settling for their bullshit, giving them second chances, and exposing myself to people who are not worth my time. 

I mentioned in a previous post (no cuffing please) that I have had an abundance of previous prospects reaching back out to me this month. I think the final number was 7. Seven dudes with nothing better to do than play with their dicks and fuck with my emotions. Well guess what fuckfaces, I’m not playing that game… haaaaa! I told off most of them in a not-so-nice way, and the others I just didn’t give the time of day so they eventually got the clue. My dumbass did slightly let 1.5 in (1 for sure, I even hung out with him once, and the other I was tempted but sanity prevailed), which resulted in more hurt for me, but more proof of my suspicions: that I cannot be trusted to choose men at this point, and also they’re all a bunch of assholes.

This has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that chivalry is dead. No one went to the funeral. Hell, I don’t know that anyone is even mourning its passing.

I know, some of you guys out there are thinking “Oh no, there are good guys out there, I’m not like those guys!” But yeah, I met some air quote good guys too, and guess what.. they turned out to be the same way.

Before you start thinking that I’m just an incredibly bitter bitch, I’m going to share a really solid 3 examples on how these guys act.

Case #1, the banker. This guy does not have enough of a personality to even WARRANT A COOL NICKNAME. HIS NICKNAME IS HIS JOB. HIS BORING JOB. So, the banker and I dated late last year off and on. We had a lot in common, and he wasn’t unattractive, but dear god he was boring. What made it worse, is the little tiny bit of personality that came out exhibited in the time of language you would expect from a prepubescent boy. I talked to him a little, but after a few pleasantries and him eventually telling me that he wished I didn’t move, because I was the perfect woman, especially my tits… DELETE BLOCK. Really? Is this how you talk to people? Really??

Case #2, Perv.  Okay, this is TOTALLY my own fault. You guys remember Perv, right? Read here: you’re like, 12. Anyway, Perv and I didn’t have a very successful first OR second encounter. The first time is what I wrote about in my previous post. I then went out with him AGAIN, because I’m really stupid, for his birthday. I want to add here, I am the ONLY person that took him out for his birthday, so while that’s actually really sad, it should say something. About a week later, we were going to hang out again but he was acting like a real douchenugget, so in typical Tempest fashion I called him out on it. He admits that his ex girlfriend had reached back out to him, and he was really confused, and while he liked hanging out with me, he didn’t really know what to do. My response? I’ll make it easy for you, bye!

The end, or so I thought. 

Perv pops up again a few weeks later, telling me how hot I was and how he wished we could hook up. Um, no, you literally chose your ex over me, and now you want to bang me? Nah, son.

I say something catty like “I’m sure you can get it from your ex since you guys are talking again” and he says… She’s with someone. Wait.. what? You treated me like shit for a girl who isn’t available?!?!?! Now I feel even more like an ass for giving a fuck and caring about this situation to begin with. Sweet jesus.

Aside: I know you guys all think I’m stupid for hanging out with this dude 2ce when he is obviously a jackass, but he’s like, super cute, my bad. 

Case #3, The Nice Guy. This actually technically happened at the end of November, but I haven’t written about it yet, and it proves my point that nice guys aren’t always really nice guys. This guy I wrote about very briefly in a post past.. not sure which one, but mentioned that I had met a nice guy, yay!  Well, Mr. Nice Guy turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Every time we had any type of disagreement, he found a way to flip it on me. This happened multiple times, and each time I gave him another chance, thinking he’s such a nice guy.

The ultimate and final strike happened when I told him I would need his support over Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve written about my mom a lot here, so it should be no surprise that holidays can be really tough for me. I told him this about a week beforehand, and told him that because I do tend to shut down, it would mean a lot to me if he would check in with me that weekend and make sure I was doing okay. We had actually been dating for about 6 weeks at this point, so it really didn’t seem like it was TOO much to ask of someone… right?

Wrong, apparently. This motherfucker LITERALLY DISAGODDAMNPPEARED for the entire weekend. I eventually sent him a message on Sunday night saying, hey, hope you’re alive, but also please go fuck yourself. He tells me that “I have no right to be mad at him, because things were hard for him this weekend too, and did I ever think to reach out and check on him?”

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. 

Anyway… those are the top 3 assholes of the second half of 2016. There are quite a few others… the guy who decided that being a self proclaimed playboy was cool, the guy who kept telling me about his encounter with a porn star one time, and the guy who tried to hook up with me when I was home with my family for the holidays. The one who friendzoned me without telling me I was being friendzoned, and then tried to mask it as something else was fun too. But I can only handle so much bullshit in one post, so these will just have to wait.

The point is, the world is really full of not-so-nice guys now. They blame it on girls, by the way. I guess that girls have become so strong and taken away their manhood so much in doing so, that these guys have reverted to little bitch men. There is no accountability anymore. There is no intention. People just run through other humans like it’s some kind of fucked up game.

Well newsflash, single guys out there in the dating world, it’s not a game. Us girls, we are actual people. I’m an actual person.

I don’t treat people like shit, and you really shouldn’t either. It’s amazing to me how many guys act like assholes to get laid. Do you know, you would probably get laid pretty easily if you put in some effort every once in a while? Make surprise plans, show up with flowers. You’d be surprised how far that shit can take you. Oh, and be a decent human, that usually helps too.

Until next time,

xoxo, Tempest.



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