soundtrack to 2016.

Oh, hey guys! Two posts in one day… watch out!!

Since I just kicked off my new “Lyrically Speaking” category, I though I’d hit you guys with some of my most-listened-to songs this year, and maybe a few tidbits of what they meant to me. Thanks, Spotify, for making this shit easy to reflect on.

I painstakingly listened to all the music I love to find you the top 10, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy vs. Didrick. This is a remix, and it’s a REALLY fun workout song, and helps me get through long planks. I listen to it a lot. You also should.
  2. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes. This is just a badass song, and I’m assuming everyone on the planet has listened to it and jammed out during traffic.
  3. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias. This is the ultimate “I’m super white, but I can still work these hips boyyyy” song. A favorite drunken dance song during my Atlanta days.
  4. Stay – Mayday Parade. Oh boy, here are the feels. Mayday Parade is one of my favorite bands, and this song really gets to me when I’m feeling down about a stupid boy. This one got played a LOT recently, by the way. Long story. Don’t ask.IMG_1100.JPG
  5. Purpose – 311. This was my FIRST 311 song. I discovered it in the mid-90’s on some random mix tape and have been in lurrrveee with 311 ever since. This is a great “I just met someone, and I’m floating on cloud 9” song.
  6. Goddess – Banks. Fuckin’ with a goddess and you get a little colder… enough said.
  7. Capsize – Frenship. One of my most played this year, this song is great to sing along to, has a great beat, and each of the different parts speak to me in a different way. IMG_1102.JPG
  8. You Don’t Own Me – Grace. This song is honestly was the only good thing about Suicide Squad. #girlboss
  9. Weaker Girl – Banks. Definitely relate to this song this year.. one of my favorites from Banks’ new album. Being able to recognize that you, as a weaker person, would have given in to some bullshit…and knowing you are now strong enough to not give in, and awesome enough to deserve better is a pretty good feeling, by the way. “Cuz I’mma need a bad motherfucker like me.”
  10. Jersey – Mayday Parade. Best. Scream Along. Song. Ever.



One of the things I noticed when going through the songs I’ve listened to is how many ups and downs I’ve had this year. I’ve binged on some super happy, romantic sappy shit, and then immediately follow it up with a girl-power anthem reminding me to be strong. All in all, I’m damn thankful to have music to lean on.

xoxo, Tempest.

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