soundtrack to 2016.

Oh, hey guys! Two posts in one day… watch out!!

Since I just kicked off my new “Lyrically Speaking” category, I though I’d hit you guys with some of my most-listened-to songs this year, and maybe a few tidbits of what they meant to me. Thanks, Spotify, for making this shit easy to reflect on.

I painstakingly listened to all the music I love to find you the top 10, in no particular order. Enjoy!

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brb, life.

Hey folks.. I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, mainly because I’ve been sooo damn busy (As always!). I regret to say I will probably not be posting for another week or so. When I say regret, I am 100% lying. As it turns out, I am heading out of the country to the Dominican Republic for a friend of a friend’s wedding (yeah, I’m crashing, so what?!) and will be off the grid for about a week! There’s a real good chance I don’t come back.. I would say I’m going to go live off the land but uh, let’s be real, I wouldn’t make it a day if I had to fend for myself. 

Anyway, here are some quick updates on my current situation and how I’m doing. I’m actually hanging in there. The whole moving across the country thing and having to start from scratch in life isn’t beating me down so badly. I’ve had a few rough patches, sure, but overall things are looking up. 

This time of the year is definitely hard for me with the holidays. I completely miss my mom. My mom was insane about holidays, she was always the one overdoing it and making everything a big deal, so her absence is even more noticable during this time of the year. However, with Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve started reflecting on my life. Yeah, I don’t have a mom anymore, and that sucks, but there are a lot of things I DO have, and some of those things are pretty badass.

  1. I have an amazing ability to make friends, and am lucky to have some already to spend Thanksgiving with up here in the northeast. Seriously, this would suck if I hadn’t met a few really kickass people.
  2. I’m kind of a superhero. Humble, I know. I have a tendency to be very, VERY hard on myself. I’m going to be single forever, I struggle with my weight, but when I really break it down, I feel like I am strong and driven and successful… much more than I let on. I’m 30 years old and in a very respectable position in my company. I’ve gotten promoted every 2 years for the last 10. I’m doing this while going back to school and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. That’s pretty commendable, if I do say so myself.
  3. I’m not a shitty person. The world is really quite full of people who are just…well…bad (coughdonaldtrumpcough) these days. People have become crass. They don’t care. They don’t consider how the things they do impact other humans. While it may be seen as weakness to some, I am proud to be empathetic and a caretaker of the people who are important to me. I’m glad to have goals and values and morals. I’m okay with being alone if it means I am not settling and am focusing on being with people who only make me better. 

With those extra deep insights said, I will now leave you guys here in the digital world to go partake in a connection-free life for a bit. Amazing pictures coming soon!
XOXO, Tempest

100 reasons.

A coworker was telling me that he put together a book with 100 reasons why he loved his girlfriend(#vomit, #sappy), to which I responded.. “I’m pretty sure I don’t even have 100 reasons why I love myself.” So here is my attempt to get as close to 100 as possible..

  1. My hair is usually pretty well behaved.
  2. I have great legs.
  3. And boobs.
  4. My nail beds are fantastic.
  5. I have an excellent memory.
  6. My arms are the best length for taking selfies.
  7. Bone Structure!
  8. I consider myself a considerate person.
  9. I am not petty.
  10. I make a big deal out of birthdays.
  11. I love to celebrate my friends and their accomplishments.
  12. I can hold my own in an intellectual conversation.
  13. I know how to laugh at myself.
  14. My brain absorbs information and holds on to it… making me a great trivia partner!
  15. I’m really good at spelling.
  16. I type fast.
  17. I do things for people that they don’t expect.
  18. I laugh loudly and sincerely.
  19. I am not afraid to say what I feel, even if I know it may not go over well with the other person.
  20. I’m objective, and try to see things from the other side.
  21. I don’t snore.
  22. I’m a good gift-giver
  23. I appreciate the little things.
  24. I can take criticism (even if I don’t agree with it).
  25. I attract awesome friends
  26. I’m organized
  27. I understand technology.
  28. I learn quickly.
  29. I’m both left and right brained
  30. I can analyze problems
  31. I can inspire a team
  32. I make decisions that yield positive change.
  33. I make people laugh.
  34. I am authentic.
  35. I am persistent.


Okay that’s all I have for now, but I’m going to keep thinking on this. Phew. This shit is hard.