So hey, I’m moving in like.. 3 days. When do I get to FULLY freak out? Now? Is now okay?

Realistically, I have had about 1.5 solid panic attacks this week. One real good one, the other I was able to catch and kill before it really took hold. Now, as I sit here and wait for Salvation Army to come pick up a ton of shit, I am finally starting to feel a little tiny bit okay with everything. It is definitely going to be really hard the next few days, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And with that, I decided maybe it was a good time to jot down a few reasons to be excited!

  1. New starts are always fun. Scary, but fun.
  2. I have a really cute new place that I will get to decorate, even though it will result in me spending mega moola.
  3. I will be living close to several cities that I haven’t been able to visit or experience much in my life. Bucket list check off time!
  4. I’m finally making myself purge some of my collection of needless shit.
  5. This one is going to turn into a paragraph. The whole concept of moving has made me reevaluate who I want to be in this life. I think life changes usually have a tendency to do that, since the last time it happened was when my mom passed. Also, it really really sucks doing this without having her to talk to, since it’s the biggest thing I’ve done since that happened. But, I know beyond a doubt that she would be proud of me. Side note: I think that has what has caused me to be the most upset when my friends and some family didn’t seem very supportive. I knew she would have been, and it sucks to be reminded of that sometimes. 
  6. Can we talk about decorating again? I have so many cute ideas lined up.. ahhh!!! TARGET WATCH OUT IM COMIN FOR YOU.


There are also a few reasons I am definitely sad to be leaving. Atlanta has never been home to me, but it’s been a place I’ve enjoyed living. I will not miss the heat and humidity, the ginormous and vicious mosquitos, or the godforsaken traffic. I will, however, miss the amazing foodie options available here, the numerous festivals, and being able to order a Coke anywhere I go. I will miss my friends incredibly. But, any friendship built to last certainly can and will, and with that I have accepted that this move will not actually destroy me in any way, shape or form. If anything, it will make me stronger.


xoxo, Tempest

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