the little things.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I am stuck at work today… and I woke up being a little pissed off about it, especially watching all my friends and family have a grand ole time while I am tethered to a desk. I then thought about how utterly selfish this actually is. Celebrating Memorial Day is more than just the start of the summer season and an extra day off of work, it represents those who sacrificed for us to enjoy the life we have today. And while that life may seem hard sometimes, I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on the little things that I get to enjoy just by being alive, in this country, in this day and age.

For the most part, we have it good. There is a lot of heat right now over politics, for obvious reasons, but even in the WORST case scenario on the upcoming election (insert your version of worst case scenario here).. we still have a lot more freedom and privilege than many people throughout the world. Yes, I started this post with complaining about work.. but, on the flip-side, as an American woman I have the opportunity to work… I can earn my own living, I can progress in the workforce with more equality than existed 50 years ago. I can stand by myself and make my own way, I can be independent, I can build the life I want. BY MYSELF. That’s pretty enviable, if you ask me. I have the freedom to write my thoughts down for the entire internet to read…even though it’s really like, 5 people, the entire internet COULD, in theory, read this. Not only that, but I can choose to be married or divorced or a cat-lady or whatever I want, I can live my life without having kids and that’s okay, and I can vote. Boom.

Take some time to reflect today on the reasons you are proud to be an American. Now that I’ve gotten the serious stuff out of the way, here are a few miscellaneous on why I efffing love this country.

  1. McDonald’s Coke. I’m 900000% sure no other country’s McDonald’s has the exact formula that ours does. It’s effective at both being refreshing and curing hangovers.
  2. We don’t eat cats, I get to just have my cat and no one will take her and eat her. I’m pretty sure about this, anyway.
  4. Beer. Craft beer, specifically. Yes, I know other countries have this. Ours is better.
  5. We are a melting pot of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I can date whoever I want and it’s pretty much okay now, which is kind of amazing.
  6. Freedom of religion, or lack thereof. I’m not an overly religious person, but I do think it’s very interesting, especially hearing about other religious practices and belief systems.
  7. Super fast pizza delivery.
  8. Football.
  9. Bacon. And Cheese. On. EVERYTHING.
  10. People can dress in flags and it’s really nbd, and that’s awesome.


XOXO, Tempest.

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