That Time When I Started a Blog

Okay, here goes.

If you’ve read my “about” page, you already know this, but if you didn’t… this is my 2432942th attempt to start a successful blog. Successful meaning I will stick with it, and that 3-5 people will actually read it.

Why, you ask, all the failed blogging attempts? Well, for starters, I’ve been through a moderate amount of shit in my life, and I really want to write about it. Yes, I know, many people have it way worse than me. I’m young(ish), relatively healthy (physically), and have a pretty full life. I’ve also suffered a lot of loss and heartbreak… some of it my own doing (thank you, anxiety!) and some of it not.

This blog is kind of my last-ditch effort to stick with it. I took a lot of time in deciding how to write, what to write, what I wanted you, the reader, to gain from it, and what I wanted myself to gain as using a blog as an outlet. Eventually I decided I would just roll with it, so here we are. I hope hearing about some of my trials and tribulations can give you some insight, or at least a chuckle or two.. and I hope me writing about them helps keep me grounded (this part is 10000% a suggestion by the aforementioned therapist).

Lastly, everything I write here is completely true, and for that reason, I hope you enjoy everyone’s nicknames! I decided to keep everyone, myself included, anonymous, so that I can be more forthcoming about the situations and stories that you will hopefully soon be reading.

Hmm… I think that covers everything that should be in a first blog post. Happy reading!

xoxo, Tempest.

One thought on “That Time When I Started a Blog

  1. I’m on my 95329 attempt at starting a new blog and I also decided to go anonymous. Let’s hope we can keep up with it. Good luck!

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